Indian Bathtubs: A Short Hike to Great Scenery


If you’re in the Encampment/Riverside area and have time for a short scenic hike, I highly recommend the Indian Bathtubs. The trailhead to this natural attraction is located just south of Riverside, Wyoming. A short 3/4-mile hike along a trail lined with sagebrush and wildflowers leads to a large granite outcrop. The surface of this rock formation harbors naturally formed depressions (which are usually full of water in early summer). Legend has it that the Native American tribes who hunted the Encampment River Valley bathed and played in these natural “tubs”.

Indian Bathtubs hiking trail

Indian Bathtubs Directions

Take Highway 230 east from Riverside, Wyoming for 0.5 miles to County Road 211 (the Blackhall Mountain Road). Turn south and follow for one mile to the trailhead on the west (right) side of the road. The hiking trail meanders west through sagebrush prairie before descending to Cottonwood Creek. After crossing the creek over a small wooden bridge, follow the trail as it ascends to a large rock outcrop. A sign at the end of the trail marks the location of the Indian Bathtubs. A gentle climb up the side of the granite rock to the right leads to the “tubs” on top. Enjoy expansive views of the Encampment River Valley and distant views of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range (west), Baggott Rocks (north) and the Snowy Range (east).

mountain blue bells

Indian Bathtubs Trail Distance

0.75 miles one-way; approximately 15 minutes

Note: Bring water, a hat and sunscreen with you as this trail is exposed and there is very little cover. Two benches are strategically placed for short breaks.

Cindy Loose

I'm Cindy Loose, an entrepreneur and Wyoming native who's been exploring Southern Wyoming since 1996. I love it here with so many opportunities to reconnect with nature, indulge in the local lifestyle and get away from the crowds. Follow me for trip ideas and valuable travel tips to experience the best of Southern Wyoming.

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