Green Mountain Falls: Waterfalls in a Magnificent Rush!


Every summer, we journey to the Green Mountain Falls. But not because we are in search of a little peace and quiet! The addicting rush of the turbulent North Fork of the Encampment River lures you onward into the Huston Park Wilderness. Ultimately, mountain streams pour into the river and plunge over weathered boulders to create these magnificent falls. At the peak of spring runoff, the thunderous rush of water pounds so hard against the rocks that it seems to go right through you.

But no matter when you visit, the Green Mountain Falls are simply amazing. We have hiked in early-May and tromped through snow to get to the falls. And also in late-August when the water had receded, allowing us to sit on the edge of the boulders and soak our feet in pools of water. Every experience offers something different--even the wildflowers in bloom are varied with each trip.

Green Mountain Falls Trail Directions

From Encampment, Wyoming, follow Highway 70 (the Battle Mountain Scenic Highway) west for 5 miles. You are now in the Sierra Madre Mountain Range of the Medicine Bow National Forest. Turn left onto Forest Service Road (FSR) 550 and continue winding south for 2 miles to FSR 550-2H. There is a small parking area next to the North Fork of the Encampment River. If you are hiking or mountain biking, park here. And say "hey" to the marmots whistling from their rock pile homes.

For hikers and mountain bikers, this 3.7-mile trail starts from the parking area and ascends gently (with a few stream crossings and hills) before ultimately reaching the falls. The first 2 miles of the journey follow FSR 550-2H before arriving at the Green Mountain Falls Trailhead. This is a moderately rugged road that is great for jeeps or ORVs, if you'd rather drive.

FSR 550-2H ends at the Green Mountain Falls Trailhead, about 1.25 miles from the Huston Park Wilderness. (Remember, wilderness areas are roadless so motorized vehicles and mountain bikes are not allowed.) Follow the trail for 1.7 miles to the glorious Green Mountain Falls. Enjoy the aspen stands, green meadows and profusion of colorful wildflowers along the way!

Fairy slippers

Green Mountain Falls Trail Distance

3.7 miles one-way; approximately 3-4 hours round-trip

Note: Restrooms and drinking water are not available at the parking area or trailhead. The nearest restroom is at Bottle Creek Campground. Be sure to bring plenty of water for this hike or mountain bike ride.

Cindy Loose

I'm Cindy Loose, an entrepreneur and Wyoming native who's been exploring Southern Wyoming since 1996. I love it here with so many opportunities to reconnect with nature, indulge in the local lifestyle and get away from the crowds. Follow me for trip ideas and valuable travel tips to experience the best of Southern Wyoming.

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